Features Overview

Our AEM Connector allows you to directly bridge your translation projects to Bureau Works, our Translation Management System.


Multiple Projects

You can manage multiple projects, and with multiple configurations. Each project allows the creation of multiple translation jobs and tasks.


Job Status

The AEM Connector for Translation gives full visibility of a job status. We've integrated the Scoping in AEM to our quoting mechanism, where you can check in real time the costs associated with your project.


QA Dashboard

All Jobs reviewed by Bureau are available to our clients in our Quality Module Dashboard. You can have access to statistics and detailed review data from your projects created in AEM.


With the Bureau Works AEM connector you will be able to:

  • Start Translation projects faster
  • Securely transfer your content to our TMS, Bureau Works - no email
  • Full visibility of your jobs
  • Approval Workflow built in the AEM User Interface
  • Scoping mechanism to provide you with accurate quotes
  • Get automatic delivery in AEM when jobs are reviewed by our QA team
  • Create multiple projects, for multiple languages, if necessary


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