Client Need

With their quarterly financial reports due to hit the street in less than 12 hours Alcatel Lucent wanted to insure their results were understood equally by all key constituents and analysts especially those in the local market. To publish English and Portuguese versions of their quarterly report simultaneously they needed a translation flawlessly completed overnight.

Translation Challenge

Accurately translate, in three, (3), hours, over 6,000 words for a critical financial report that would be delivered on multiple platforms.

Bureau’s Solution

We immediately set up an internal “swat” team comprised of translators and an editor. Together they established a translation methodology to insure consistency and accuracy of terminology. Working from 3:00 in the morning until daybreak through our online translation portal we were able to meet Alcatel Lucent’s deadline with nuance and accuracy


Alcatel Lucent was able to clearly and accurately say what they meant to all key analysts and stakeholders.