Client Need

Harley-Davidson needed to localize mission over critical brand content in a less than 60 days. The localization process included over 28 languages, and a variety of media: movies, eLearning, web-content.

Translation Challenge

Translations that are accurate yet creative. The target must be imbued with natural copy-writing while respecting cultural guidelines. The original voice needs to be preserved through the adaptation process to each market.

The variety of media and short-turnaround times required teams on our end working 24-7.

The stakeholders in each region had different sets of concerns and needs that had to be met requiring a customized process at a regional level.

Bureau’s Solution

We began by listening and understanding what the business challenge was.

We then moved towards adapting Bureau Works and developing specific functionalities in order to make the process flow.

In parallel, we formed the team of translators and copy-writers that would work on this project filtering by elements such as: brand identification, passion, writing clarity, ease of verbal expression and professional decorum. This resulted in a team of people who was not just translating but acting as brand advocates in every single segment.

We focused on building localization analytics that allowed us to look at the entire process from a continuous improvement perspective.


Harley-Davidson was able to launch their key content successfully across all regions.