Necessidade do cliente

Newell Brands had to Go-Live with their new SAP system in over 40 regions all over the world.

O desafio da tradução

- Course media in Powerpoint, Word, Adobe Captivate and Articulate Engage and Storyline.

- Volumes often over 1 million words per month

- High-sensitivity to terminology and contextual correctness

- Collaborating with SMEs all over the world


A solução da Bureau

Our solution began with a careful study on the source material resulting in an excellent glossary chosen qualitatively rather than by statistical terminology mining. This made all the difference from a foundational perspective because relevance was dictated by importance and complexity of each term rather than by number of occurrences. SMEs then signed off on the glossary.

We put together a team of people who best performed in this specific subject matter based on track record and specific evaluations for this project and closely monitored their performance as well as client feedback to ensure correct responses were in place.

Our team of engineers worked closely with Project Managers to ensure end-deliverables were at the same level as original source files.

Most importantly, our management had daily interactions with our linguists, weaving together a tightly knit team across levels and roles.

When necessary we also had on-site translation which expedited client needs and approximated our team to Newell-Brands true business purpose.

O resultado

Our client was able to successfully go-live training thousands of people all over the world.