Client Need

Converting operations across a company to a new SAP system is never simple and can be fraught with challenges. When that SAP implementation involves multiple locations, e-learning modules, hundreds of employees and a translation – the risk of confusion, lost productivity and a flawed implementation is even higher with millions of dollars at risk. Newell-Rubbermaid was facing just this challenge across their Brazil locations and turned to Bureau Translations for a solution.

Translation Challenge

Newell needed a partner who could not only translate over 3 Million words into Brazilian Portuguese in 6 months – they needed one who could understand their business objectives and ultimately synchronize & execute a live implementation across multiple locations.

Bureau’s Solution

As the chronology of events for training and implementation was as critical as the translation itself our project management team sat with the Newell client at the beginning of the project to map out a timeline and work plan. From initial translation to synchronizing on-site trainings and live translations we made sure we understood exactly how Newell defined success so that our strategy delivered it. We then identified the best linguists for the job and assembled a team that would be dedicated to the project for the next six months.

The partnership between our project management team, our subject matter expert linguists and Newell allowed us to consolidate specific knowledge on Newell’s business goals and SAP implementation needs. Together we were able to efficiently and effectively handle any changes in on-site training dates or locations.


Newell was able to smoothly and effectively implement their new SAP operation with no loss in productivity or revenue.

  • Over 3 million words translated in a 6 month period
  • Interactive functionality of e-learning materials preserved
  • SAP compliant terminology consistent throughout all materials & platforms
  • Deployed interpreters from the core team to over ten different Newell locations throughout Brazil to facilitate on site understanding