Burger King

Getting everyone on the same page - everywhere around the world


Client Need

Hundreds of hours of restaurant training videos, super specific subject matter, time crunch, budget crunch and tremendous need for quality.

Translation Challenge

Videos had scripts that required translation into dozens of languages, SME (Subject Matter Expert) validation, recording, perfect syncing and delivery. Certain languages played nicely such as German while other languages dilated significantly and made syncing a huge challenge. Voice-over artists had to be available for constant iterations of pick-ups and recording had to be flawless. Translations had to sound natural, while not going beyond the original word count in English. 

Bureau’s Solution

We began by creating a custom workflow that made translators aware of the recording needs and constraints. This resulted in an iterative feedback loop where translators were constantly adjusting text so that it sounded natural and at the same time was just at the right length. We recruited voice-talent that embodied the spirit of the training - professional yet friendly. 


We rolled out over the course of two years thousands of hours of training. Each second was carefully scrutinized and verified. Decibel levels, recording quality, noise levels, clarity, opaqueness, rigidity, fluidity - we dissected the audio until it was flawless. Likewise, we brought SMEs and translators to work closely together so that we could reduce the amount of changes needed in each iterations step. We worked closely with our client to keep costs down, adhered or excelled deadlines and made what seemed like an insurmountable challenge become a walk in the park.