Client Need

About to go on tour in Europe and Japan – São Paulo Futebol Club [São Paulo Soccer Club wanted to burnish its reputation with International club directors, managers and press to insure the most positive reception and coverage possible. To do this they decided to publish a book that would showcase club history, key players and accomplishments. This high profile and critical project needed to be professionally and accurately translated with all appropriate nuance to convey the gravitas and glory of São Paulo Futebol Clube. It needed to be impressive and effective in English, French, and German as well as the club’s native Portuguese.

Translation Challenge

We were given one week to accurately translate 40,000 words with appropriate nuance into French, English, German and Japanese. We also needed to work with the Club to create an agreed upon translation standard for the more technical futebol terms, the Cups and player’s names.

Bureau’s Solution

By advising the client to begin with English as a base or translation standard we were able to insure that every translation followed the same methodology and used the same terms

We used in-country translators and reviewed the print layout before it went to press to make sure that it made sense after printing with pictures and text aligning.


We delivered a total of 40,000 words in four (4) languages in one (1) week. Sao Paolo Futebol achieved their objective of raising their profile and getting the level of press attention they desired.