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Centuries of literary and religious tradition, and renewed importance

Kept alive by the studies of Jewish scholars, though mostly lost as a national or native language, Modern Standard Hebrew was reborn as an important language of the Middle East with the establishment of the State of Israel in the 20th century but remains the holy language of study, prayer, and history for millions around the world.

Key Features

  • COUNTRIES SPOKEN: Israel, Jewish communities across the world
  • NUMBER OF SPEAKERS: 4 million native speakers in Israel, many L1 and L2 speakers around the world
  • FAMILY: Canaanite, Northwest Semitic
  • VARIANTS: Multiple dialects throughout Jewish communities all over the world, and at different points in history. Modern Hebrew was developed in the 20th Century along with the State of Israel.


Yiddish, the primary language of the Ashkenzai Jews is often associated with Hebrew, but is actually a Germanic language that developed in Jewish Communities living in Central Europe in the Middle Ages.

Benefits of Language Translation

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Talk to People

Your audience expects clarity, and also that a message comes from real, thoughtful people on the other side.

Increased Sales

With every language added to a website there is the potential for an increase of between 100% in sales.


Cost Effective Marketing

Having the ability to communicate to a whole new international audience in their own language will undoubtedly yield results.


A multilingual product demonstrates you are thinking about the customer.


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Website Translation
Bureau Proxy or your own web content management solution customized to your needs.


Software Localization
Full localization solution from file preparation to testing.


Turn-key solutions for Articulate Storyline, or other eLearning platforms.


EBooks quickly translated and packaged available to your audience and consumers.


Time-coded, note-taking or word for word,we turn your audio into text.


Dubbing and Voice-over
Single, or multiple voices, voice-over or synced dubbing, we get your content ready.


Our interpreters will help you make your meeting, phone call or conference a success.


Globalization Consulting
Let us add value even before you begin translating.


Product Testing
Our testers follow strict guidelines to ensure quality releases.


Desktop Publishing
Anything from Adobe InDesign to CAD software, we will get your files back to you ready for use.


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