We brew a culture that is deeply connected to our clients and their goals - work ethic, comradery, hiring based on predictive competence not based on past experience. Our individuals converge into a strong collective body that is both supportive and highly demanding of each other.


We test not only for technical expertise but for behavioral components that bring us linguists that are critical thinkers, opinionated and passionate about their work. Our translator acceptance rate is below 4.5%. We look for people who truly own their work and think of themselves as copywriters, not just translators.


Expertise: We know how to translate pretty much anything: apps, games, paper documents, websites, video, e-Learning, word, ppts, and excel files - InDesign and XML - whatever the extension we have a proven workflow to address it successfully.


We continuously develop great technology. Our development team is in-house, understands the business needs, and looks for ways to take the daily grind away and use technology so that we can be more human.

Our technology taps into the very best of the localization cornerstones developed over the years:

  • Glossaries (Client-specific List of Terms)
  • Translation Memory (A database of all sentences translated specifically for one client over the client’s entire history with us)


While our custom built proprietary tools, such as our Quality and Performance evaluation systems, allow us to do more with traditional paradigms and actually predict the successful project outcome before a project is translated.

the language that our clients speak

We understand that translation quality, goes way beyond accurately translating the sentences. We need to speak the language that our clients speak regardless of their industry and location. Our translators understand that their work turns them into brand ambassadors and they understand the responsibility that comes along with that.


We build APIs and integrations to localization and content management systems so that our clients can worry more about their jobs and less about how to get and receive files from us.


We look for client pain points and develop custom solutions around them. Examples include, automating content export and import, managing in-country review across regions, providing in-context review environments for media, and analytics that allow them to make smart decisions based on optimal information.

we partner and advise

We don’t just bill, we partner and advise. We are looking for clients that have a long-term win-win mentality and want to engage with a true partner, not just a translation provider. While we can perform brilliantly with the bread and butter, we truly stand out in complex high-pressured environments that require a robust and agile delivery model.