Education Translation Services

From materials to ideas, we help you to inspire even more students


Education Translation Solutions

As bilingual education services expand and develop across the globe, educators and the industries supporting them need reliable, efficient services to reach more minds. Bureau’s services can enhance the communication in your team, your outreach to students, and the development of digital or paper learning tools that can bring the power of knowledge to more people than ever before.


We do more than dub over or add subtitles to your educational productions and materials. Bureau experts rebuild presentations and programs from text to sounds to help deliver your content so it will feel natural and engaging to viewers in the target language.

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Document Translation

From student records to internal communications, keep everything accessible to anyone who needs access with our proven methods. Skilled translators and effective oversight means that all of your materials will be accurately and efficiently translated.

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Website Translation

Keep your own site as up to date as possible with Bureau’s proxy services–any changes made in one language updated throughout multiple translations of your site–giving you the ability to reach every student without translating your work multiple times.

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Presentation and speaking is a huge part of how education happens. Bureau’s interpreters can be at your side through media connections or in person to relay your message to students, other teachers, or any situation where you need to be heard and understood.

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