Legal Translation Services

Taking down boundaries between clients, attorneys, and their cases

Legal Translation Solutions

Law firms all over the world are bound to run into international issues, whether it be a foreign client, dealings with immigration, or complex, international litigation. Whatever the circumstances, Bureau Translations has services that offer up nuanced, accurate help for attorneys and clients to cross communication barriers and move forward in new territories.


We understand that what someone says and when they said it can be crucial to work on a legal case. Depositions, testimonies, and all other Audio Visual files you need in word format will be transcribed with timestamps by our expert team.

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Our linguistic experts can provide in-person, real time solutions to your communication barriers. We work with legal teams to communicate with clients, conduct interviews, and eliminate any room for errors.

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Website Translation

Whatever services your firm offers, we can help you reach more clients with our website translation services. Different options give you an accurate, effective version of your site in any language, while meeting your budget and time constraints.

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Document Translation

Bureau Translations’ expert linguists give you options for producing accurate, dependable translations of sensitive documents to meet your budget and your timeframe. We are accustomed to working with highly sensitive legal documents ranging from immigration filings to international business deals.

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