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We will challenge you and provide opportunity for growth every step of the way.


our culture

Intelligent, driven, and ready to take on the world.

At Bureau, your passion leads clients to their objectives

Our team finds motivation for everything they do - no task is too small.


We believe in transformation. Everybody has bad days. No way around it. What matters is what you do with them.

Our work demands careful, thoughtful consideration every time. That’s why nuance is the key to meeting each new challenge.


Languages and the global marketplace are in constant evolution – we strive to do the same.

We believe adaptability doesn’t come from doing the same work everyday. It comes from living out of your comfort zone, taking feedback, and using it to produce something exciting.


Devotion to our work leads to enjoying success.

We never fail to have a sense of humor.


We are passionate & selective about our peers.

We learn, we grow, we evolve... we repeat.


Bureau Approved Linguists

Our linguists have told us we demand more of them than any of our competitors – and they are proud of that fact because working for us means their work excels.

Linguists Program

Before a linguist can work on your business they must qualify for, and enter, our rigorous on-boarding process. To qualify for that process each applicant completes an initial test that is judged as a live translation in accordance with our standards. Of the linguists who apply less than 7% are asked to go to the next level: the submission of three additional translation assignments to test translations in their stated area of expertise.

  • Specific test for each Linguistic Background
  • 450+ passionate, certified linguists
  • Additional database of 3500 talented professionals
  • Our linguists are native in-country, reside in Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Africa and cover multiple languages and disciplines.


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